Hermes Kelly and Prada Handbags Are Ideal Choice For High-class People

Handbags are cone possession that females hold very close to their heart. Every female has the liking for handbags in their unique style, and each style has a different fashion statement to say. The most famous handbags around the globe are the Hermes Birkin handbags. The reason for this being the extraordinary and expensive materials used along with magnanimous artisanship. The Kelly bag came to existence in the early part of 1930s and was soon able to have a positive impact on the market. The Hermes Birkin was very soon dream of the women. Birkin bags generally cost around $6000 to $50000 with the waiting time for a special Birkin catching to almost six years. However, fashionable women are always ready to pay extravagant amounts of money for designer handbags just to make a statement on their choices and lifestyle, keep aside the look of these handbags. Victoria Beckham is also addicted to Hermes Kelly and in fact, she was spotted carrying a Hermes Kelly Longue in gold swift leather. Victoria’s Hermes handbags collection seems to be too much. The Kelly Longue was designed with the help of Hermes Kelly just a couple of seasons back. The bag is very rare and is a bit longer than the Kelly Pochette. The handbag is really classic and expensive as well.

Recently it has been observed that more and more Prada handbags are winning hearts of people and these are not nylon bags. They are like runaway bags and have large studs and prints. A black Prada Stripe Hobo looks astonishingly beautiful. Although it is black but the purple hues catch the eyes almost instantly. You can buy a small Hobo from Saks for $1495 and a medium Hobo for $2050. Prada Fairy bag has a long wait list. Now Prada is trying to make it even bigger with the multicolor vibrant bags. So Prada is really making a grand comeback this spring and summer season with the Prada Trembled Blossoms bag as an integral part of it with its price being stunning $1,675. With a variety of colors options introduced like turquotoise-violetand yellow black, Prada is really expected to make it big this time around as well. In Milan this September, the runaway show by Prada was a real Buzz. The handbag that had the forum buzzing was the Prada Fairy bag. The Prada fairies bag is available in only two sizes and it was announced that there would be limited edition for the same. The smaller size would be available for $2290 and the larger size would be available for $2490. The Prada bag is really absorbing and majestic. The deerskin leather that it is made of has a slight sparkle to it.

Now with the range available you can buy you Prada handbags from You can also buy the Hermes Kelly for yourself from Once you visit these sites, you can make your choice from designs available, and once you get the feel of the product, you would always keep money aside to get the feel again.

Are Hermes Handbags Fit For Interns to Take to Go to Work?

Recently, a topic about how to dress oneself as an intern when going to work was quite hot on the internet. The topic was from such a matter that one intern took an Hermes Birkin bag to go to work.

Someone thought it is totally wrong to take such expensive handbag to go to work, because it may upset your leaders or boss. Some others thought it is OK to take Hermes Birkin to go to work, because this is belonging to their own choice and freedom. In my opinion, I think the intern taking an Hermes Birkin bag to go to work does not want to display her strength to her leaders or boss, but just wants to promote herself confidence. As we all know, as an almighty bag, Hermes Birkin can match all most all of the clothes. Wearing one suit and matching one Hermes Birkin, no matter from temperament or the overall mix, you will look great. As a white collar for several years, my greatest feeling is that confidence is so important to such graduates. When we are in school, we learnt something from books, less experience in practice. So when we step into society, it is hard to avoid meeting some problems. At this moment, do not fear, just be confident, nothing will not be solved.

I remember that five years ago, when I started my first job, I thought dressing is not so important. So everyday I did not dress myself well up. Oppositely, a colleague of mine paid more attention to this point. Everyday she dressed herself beautiful and graceful. When our customers visited our company, we as sales need to receive them and lead them to have a look at our products and factories. I found that our customers would like to talk more with my colleague but not me. I felt quite surprised at that moment. In fact, I was more familiar with the products and factories than my colleague. Gradually, I felt I was not confident enough because my performance did not accepted by others. Why it happened? Until one day a customer of mine told me that I did not pay attention to my dressing which gave not so good impressions to customers that I found my ideas before were so wrong. Dressing becomingly is not only a respect to customers but also can promote confidence. As we all know, confidence is so important during work and life. It is a way passing to success. Only if you are confident, you can open you mind widely and have more new ideas. If you are such a person who can afford to buy handbags such as Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, Hermes Lindy, don`t be afraid, just take them to go to work. It of course will take you more benefit. Just as one famous saying goes: Follow your own course, and let people talk!

My Designer Handbag is Cute But Not As Cute As My Eye Doctor

Right after I confessed the $7000 value of my treasured Hermes Birkin, my eye doctor took it from my arm and held it closely to his face. Thank God he was clean-shaven! I was a little put back by his reaction. Agreed, Hermes Birkin bags are special, but come on Doc! For the first time, I wished I was my purse.

Most men don’t get it. To understand how or why a designer purse could reach the high cost of several thousand dollars isn’t in a man’s male composition, unless of course they fancy femaleness or make a habit of tuning into a woman’s needs. Most men don’t. Not because they don’t want to tune in – maybe they have a different agenda, they are very pre-occupied, they just don’t know how to tune in, or they haven’t lived long enough to meet their female soul-mate and mentor. Men need mentoring when it comes to tuning into women. Some men seek and find, and others live their lives in pursue of obtaining a healthy understanding keeping it just a mere centimeter outside of their grasp.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Many men make it a habit of tuning in to women. A perfect example is the type of gifts they purchase for their partner. The truly tuned-in types purchase treasured items as memorable gifts which last a lifetime. The many men who do purchase the “right” gift have done so through the experience of making many bad choices over time. Eventually, some get it, and really get it right. I recently sold a $6800 Orange Hermes 32cm Kelly Bag to a man in Singapore who obviously understands and adores his wife. For their 15th Wedding Anniversary she is getting the surprise of a lifetime. He’s tuned in. Congratulations to this wonderful guy, he’s got style, class, brains and knows how to communicate.

Why spend hundreds of dollars each year every time a special occasion pops up only to learn your savvy wife says she loves your gifts from a harmonious love for you, and not because she really does love the gifts. I think she loves you more. Gifts are difficult to purchase in the first place, and now we can put more pressure on ourselves by making gifts cost up towards the $7000 mark!

By now I have your attention, right? We aren’t talking small change here. The beautiful, classic, hand made Hermes designs make my knees weak. Actually, I’d rather be in a Hermes Boutique shopping than out dancing with George Clooney. And, my chances are much higher for visiting Hermes than being with GC, too, so it’s basically a mute point.

The Hermes Birkin was created in the 1980s after the English actress/singer Jane Birkin spilled the contents of her over-packed, too-small purse onto a Hermes designer during a shared plane ride. Ms. Birkin was very popular on the French music charts at the time. She became the name-sake of the famous, difficult to obtain Hermes Birkin Bag. There’s about a three year waiting list to obtain a Birkin bag, and there’s no guarantee yours will ever arrive.

The Birkin bags range in size from 30cm to 40cm, and are also available in much larger travel sizes. The various leathers add to the cost making the more exotic skins reach as high as $25,000 or more each! The interior is fully lined in smooth, soft leather and has extra pockets. The bag includes its very own security locking system, and the lock’s key hangs from one of its double handles in its own leather protective case. The gold hardware on Hermes’ handbags is 24K gold plated paladium. That’s pretty high-end if you ask me. Yet, the all-silver paladium in either a brushed or shiney finish has a much more contemporary look and feel.

I’ve never been into fancy cars — unless it belongs to the guy I’m dating. My little “no more car payment” Saturn gets me where I need to go! And, although it’s five years old and has a total of 15K miles on it, the handbag I carry when I drive costs more than the current Blue Book value. Funny how ownership of a luxury item is basically left to personal preference, perception and choice — the designer handbag I carry costs more than the current Blue Book value of my car!

My purse seems to get much more male attention these days than I do, too. That caress to the cheek is starting to make me a little jealous of a purse. Should I carry a sign? No, I guess all I need to carry is that Hermes Birkin and start talking more openly to cute men. My eye doctor probably doesn’t realize the impact of his caress. It should be me he’s holding closely to his cute face, not that darn piece of leather I call my designer purse!

The Very Popular Gucci Handbags

Gucci has become the most popular brand in the field of handbags. The look and quality of the Gucci handbags has pleased a majority of fashion conscious people. Today, carrying a Gucci handbag has become a status symbol for a larger population. These designer handbags are made keeping in mind the fashion requirements of persons of all age groups. They are made by the highly skilled professionals with an excellent caliber of designer handbag manufacturing.

Gucci is a fashion label for high quality Italian leather products. This Italian company began producing their amazing leather items in Florence around 1921. It started out as a small business and began to grow at a faster pace becoming the most well-known fashion companies in the world. You can always surf the internet for the different options of the Gucci brand of designer handbags. There are a number of websites which sell the Gucci brand of designer handbags at the discounted rates. If you don’t wish to spend huge sums on the purchase of a Gucci branded handbag, you can always carry out the purchase of the replicas of your favourite Gucci handbags. The replicas of the Gucci branded handbags seem to be very similar to the original ones. These replica designer handbags won’t ever let you down because they possess a shine that can actually make you look and feel extremely sober and royal both at the same time.

The Gucci branded designer handbags used by you on a daily basis should be different from the one which is to be used only on the special occasions. A little searching online can go a long way. You may even look into auctions online. This is a great way to find a great looking replica at an affordable price. Sometimes you can even find genuine Gucci brand of designer handbags through these auctions for a fraction of the original price.
Purchasing the Gucci handbags can always give you a trendy and cool look.

Hermes Birkin Bags Make the Ultimate Fashion Statement

Hermes Birkin bags are kind of manufactured handbags created by the towering leather goods manufacturer Hermes. These bags are named after famous British actress & singer called Jane Birkin who was a longtime dweller of France.

It is famously mentioned in an interesting incident in 1981 that led to the birth of this line of handbags. It is said that Jane Birkin was once flying on a plane and suddenly at one point of time, her bag fell and the contents of it spilled out.

The President of Hermes who was incidentally sitting beside her saw this, and offered her to produce a brand of handbags named after her. She sketched her idyllic bag, and thus, these handbags were born. Interestingly she had to pay for the first prototype of the line of handbags, which took her by surprise.

Considered A Statement Of High Fashion

These bags have become popular because of the actress it was named after. This handbag has gone on to become one of the most popular brand of handbags throughout the world, especially among the rich and famous.

The manufacture of a Birkin is said to take several weeks and the exterior of the bags can be made up of an assortment of leathers.

There are custom bags made of varying kinds of animal skin, including crocodile skin, which is the most expensive. Typically, they are made of goatskin and the color is given such that it matches the exterior.

The metallic parts of these bags may also be studded with precious metals or jewels as per the choice of the buyer.