Authentic Hermes Handbag

Buying a designer bag can be a dream-come-true for many women. A designer bag is a big investment, so it is important to know that you are spending money on an authentic piece. Fake handbags are getting more and more convincing, so it is important to know what to look for when identifying an authentic Hermes Handbags.

Authentic Hermes Handbag

Familiarize yourself with Hermes designs. Designer bags are very limited from season to season. Each year only sees so many new designs. Certain bags are made only in a few select colors or may have a certain color of lining. Knowing these things will help you identify a fake.

Look closely at the proportion of the handbag. A well-made designer bag will be perfectly proportional. It will be perfectly symmetrical and the handle will be completely centered. Take a good look at the shape. If it looks a little off or crooked, it is a fake.

Know what the stamp or label should look like. Hermes bags are almost always labeled and stamped on the inside only. However, there are a few designs that feature a stamp on the outside. The stamp or label should also be neat and clear.

Examine the lining. Most Hermes bags are lined with the same leather that the outside is made of. There are some styles that may be lined with canvas of the same color as the bag. Know which styles these are and know what lining to expect.

Look for an “H” engraved on the zipper. This will be done neatly and clearly on brass zippers. A couple of the designs have leather zippers, and in those cases, the “H” will be stamped.

Be suspicious of low prices. A Hermes bag will probably never sell for under $5,000. Bags made with imperfections in the factory are destroyed, and employees are not given gifts that they may resell. If a seller claims it is an unwanted gift, carefully consider why someone would spend $5,000 on a gift before knowing for sure that the recipient would like it.

Study the stitching very closely. Stitches should be perfectly straight, even and tight. The best craftsmen in the world make these bags, and imperfect bags do not leave the manufacturer.

Spotting Fake Hermes Handbags

The Hermes fashion name is synonymous with royalty, famous stars and “Sex and the City”. The famous Hermes Kelly bag was named after actress and Grace Kelly. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis often sported a Constance bag. The Birkin bag was the focus of the “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,” episode of “SATC,” where Samantha tried to leverage her connections to snag the popular bag. Hermes bags are renowned in the fashion world with prices topping $10,000 for some bags. Like many original handbags, Hermes products are copied and sold as knockoffs. How to spot a fake Hermes bag is easy to the discerning eye.

Spotting Fake Hermes Handbags

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

  • Study the hardware. Hermes bags have a covering to protect the hardware, which the store does not remove until you purchase the bag. The hardware is solid, not hollow. The logo, a carriage and horse, is engraved on the hardware. Hermes engraving means the letters or design is lower than the surface, not raised above the surface.
  • Examine the stitching. An authentic bag will have straight, even stitches and no loose threads. Also, the thread will match the bag, a sign that Hermes bags are quality workmanship.
  • Look at the front face of the bag. The name “Hermes Paris, Made in France” is always stamped on the front face.
  • Look for the date the bag was manufactured. The artisan’s mark and the year the bag was manufactured are stamped beneath the right belt.
  • Check the inside of the bag. Hermes bags do not have a metal nameplate. Also, examine the leather carefully. Hermes bags are made of the finest leather. It will not have defects.
  • To understand the quality and workmanship of a Hermes bag, go to a Hermes boutique and examine the handbags. Look at the quality of the lining, feel the purity of the leather, and pay attention to the elegant, understated details. Once you have seen an authentic bag, you will be able to spot a fake Hermes.

Choosing Best Hermes Birkin for Your Personal Style

In the world of fashion, Hermes birkin bag is generally accepted as the Holy grail of handbags. Since buying a birkin bag is a great investment for lifetime, a savvy lady had better be careful when choosing her beloved Birkin. Here are some tips on how to selecting the right Birkin bag to boost your personal style.

Hermes Birkin Handbags

In the world of fashion, hermes birkin handbags generally accepted as the Holy grail of handbags. Since buying a birkin bag is a great investment for lifetime, a savvy lady had better be careful when choosing her beloved Birkin. Here are some tips on how to selecting the right Birkin bag to boost your personal style.

First of all, select the correct material for your birkin to suit different occasions. The quality of materials reflects the owner’s financial status and taste. Leather is always a wise choice, for it is classic and versatile; works with most outfits and goes with any situation. The most popular leather for birkin is Togo, a smooth textured calf leather. Taurillon Clemence which is made from baby bull is even softer and thicker than Togo. You can also choose buttery soft Chevre (goat skin) or smooth and sheen box. Birkin bags with exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile and lizard are quite suitable for formal and grand occasions. If you want a casual and pretty look, you can try togo or ostrich Birkin with linen.

Secondly, choose the right sized Birkin to complement your figure. Remember, your bag should work with your size, not against it. If you are petite, go for 25cm or 30cm Birkin. If you are full-figured or tall, 35cm or 40cm Birkin would look best. Haut A Courries which is slightly taller with shorter straps is also called Birkin and very good for traveling use.

Thirdly, choose similar colored Birkin to match your outfit. There is an extensive range of colors for your Birkin bag. If you wear a lot of plain color clothes, Hermes classic colors such as black, orange, Blue Jean and dark gold are the best to match your outfit, or a two-tone colored Birkin would make you look cute and stylish. Greens, pink, fuchsia and Cyclamen are fresh in spring; rouge, red and orange looks gorgeous in autumn; blues, white and violet are popular in winter. Taupe, beige and grey are practical and can blend into more clothes.

Last but not least, always harmonize your Birkin with your outfit, shoes and accessories. If you have seen the photo of Victoria in fuchsia RM Moon dress with a stunning 35cm pink ostrich skin Hermes Birkin, you will get a better idea of what I mean. The pink bag and fuchsia dress match perfectly; the black sunglass has a similar shade with Balenciaga court shoes. Totally, she looks fantastically glamorous! Sometimes, your bag does not necessarily match your dress or shoes, but at least should blend into them. It is more sensible to make sure your bag and shoes are harmonious in style and mood. For example, if you wear sliver or white tone shoes, pair them with a Birkin bag with silver palladium hardware.

If you pay attention to what fits you and what does not, you will gradually cultivate your dress sense and fit into everything chosen by yourself. Needless to say, Hermes Birkin bag is a must-have for any savvy lady who aspires to establish a perfect personal style. Reliable online stores are the best place to buy elegant Hermes Birkin bags. Be mindful that “Fashion is general. Style is individual”, have a good knowledge of your style and learn how to dress properly, because the most beautiful woman is always true to her own style.

Talkin' fashion with a Pittsburgh girl: Katie Z.

Pittsburgh girls know and love fashion! They know what colors look good on them, what designer looks they covet, and where to shop. Pittsburgh girls are more than just Pens jerseys and Terrible Towels, they are fashionistas! Katie, a 28 year-old formerly of South Park who is now a nurse in Virginia Beach, Virginia gabs about her personal style and fashion!

What is one store you could spend thousands of dollars on clothes in?

Black House White Market

What is your favorite Pittsburgh mall?

South Hills Village

What color do you think you look best in?


What is one piece in your wardrobe you could never live without?

My heart necklace from Tiffany’s because it was given to me from the love of my life.

What is your favorite cut of jeans?

Skinny jeans

What is your ideal winter coat?

Pea coat in ivory

What is your favorite kind of dress?

Sun dress

What is your favorite type of footwear?


Money is no object, who is your favorite luxury fashion brand?

Michael Kors

5 adjectives to describe your style and wardrobe?

Colorful, form-fitting, fun, sassy, and bling

'RHONJ' star Teresa Giudice fed up with Joe Giudice's partying ways?

Joe and Teresa Giudice may not be as united as they seem. According to an article posted on Radar Online on Tuesday, June 10, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is fed up with Joe because she doesn’t think that he’s spending enough time with her and the children before his sentencing. Instead of quality family time, he’s going off by himself and hanging out with the boys.

According to a source, Teresa is “getting really frustrated” because Joe isn’t spending every minute that he can with her and their three girls. She doesn’t understand why he won’t just stay home and feels as if he’s ignoring them. Joe’s behavior is breaking her heart since it’s likely that they’ll be separated soon.

In early March, both Joe and Teresa pleaded guilty to several counts of loan and bankruptcy fraud. Their sentencing date is set for Tuesday, July 8. Joe faces up to 46 months in prison while Teresa faces up to 27 months. The source said that Teresa is “terrified” of what will happen at their sentencing because she fully expects that Joe will indeed go to prison for a long time.

While the source said that Teresa just doesn’t know what she’ll do without Joe, there was no mention of how she feels about the possibility of having to spend time in the slammer herself. Perhaps Teresa believes with certainty that she will only get probation and/or house arrest because the judge wouldn’t put a mom through prison time?

It was reported that Joe, without Teresa, was spotted clearly drunk while at a restaurant in New York City in late March. That incident could be one of the many that has Teresa ticked off.

Despite what may really be going on in her marriage, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is adamant about letting everyone know just how much she loves she loves her husband. On Sunday, June 8, Teresa Giudice posted a photo of Joe Giudice and their three girls to her Twitter account, proclaiming them to be the loves of her life.

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' ex-husband Courtland Rogers arrested

Just one day after his divorce from “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans was finalized, Rogers was thrown in the slammer for failing to appear in court on a felony charge.

According to a June 11 report by E! News, Rogers was booked at the Brunswick County Jail in Bolvia, North Carolina at 10:38 a.m. on Wednesday. Bail was set at $150,000 and he is due back in court on July 7.

Prior to being booked, Rogers took some time out to send a message to his many fans on Facebook, telling them he was “on my way to jail.”

Rogers was due in court on Monday, June 9, to address a case involving Evans’ sister, Ashleigh. Last September, Rogers reportedly harassed Ashleigh on the phone and she pressed charges. However, it is unclear whether or not that is the case which now has Rogers locked up.

Either way, he is reportedly facing several months behind bars.

“They got me please write me p.o. box 9 bolivia nc 28422,” he wrote. “I love yall so much plsse watch out for my momma she needs yalls support so bad.”

In a statement to E! News, Rogers’ ex-wife (as of Tuesday) Evans revealed she wasn’t surprised that he is back in jail.

“I knew it would eventually happen again, because he is a constant troublemaker,” Evans said. “He tried contacting me for two days before his arrest and I ignored him. I’m just happy he’s gone so he can leave me to be with my family and start this new chapter of my life.”

Scream Factory Unleashes Hi-Def 'Nosferatu the Vampyre' on Humanity

Scream Factory blesses horror fans with yet another Blu-ray release of a cult classic. Director Werner Herzog’s “Nosferatu the Vampyre” gets a high-definition upgrade for the first time. The release gives audiences the opportunity to view what is simply one of the most stylish and beautifully shot genre films.

It’s widely accepted that F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film “Nosferatu” is one of the greatest horror films of all time. The epic scene of actor Max Schreck rising from his coffin is easily one of the most frightening moments captured on celluloid. Francis Ford Coppola even mimicked it for his big-budget 1992 adaptation, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” The very look of Count Orlock has been imitated in cult favorite vampire films like “Subspecies” and the 1979 TV mini-series “Salem’s Lot.”

“Nosferatu the Vampyre” is a perfect example of cinematic genius and a remake that reverently improves on the original in some aspects. Every scene found in the film drips with chilling atmosphere and historic accuracy. For 107 minutes, Director/Writer Herzog transports us to the year 1850 and takes us on a journey from Wismar, Germany into the Carpathian Mountains and then back to Wismar, where a horrific plague is the perfect cover for Count Dracula’s (Klaus Kinski) insatiable hunger.

The Blu-ray contains both the German and English language versions, which vary from each other quite a bit. The German version seems more lavish and epic. The English version feels slightly more rushed and is shot from different angles at times. Both versions are effective in their own ways, but I prefer the German over the English.

“Nosferatu the Vampyre” is rated PG for violence, sensuality, and frightening/intense scenes. There’s not as much blood and graphic brutality as you would expect from a horror movie made in the late 1970s. Herzog relied on the mood he set for each sequence, leaving the gore and violence off-screen and to your imagination. There’s no nudity or sex scenes, although Dracula does some suggestive touching as he feeds on his prey. We’re also privy to some heavy breathing by both the vampire and his victim.

Scream Factory delivers some enlightening special features for “Nosferatu the Vampyre’s” high-definition debut. Director Werner Herzog provides entertaining audio commentary classic horror fans will enjoy. A vintage “Making of ‘Nosferatu'” featurette gives us insight into the production of the movie. Theatrical trailers are found as well.

It’s extremely evident “Nosferatu the Vampyre” is Werner Herzog’s grand homage to the original silent film. It was the Director’s way of bringing the masterpiece to the big-screen in a way F.W. Murnau could’ve only imagined when he made the original: in color, featuring audio, and using the actual names of the characters found in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel. Murnau was never allowed to do this because Stoker’s widow wouldn’t give him permission. It’s Herzog’s ultimate tribute to what he considers “the greatest film ever to come out of Germany.”

L’Wren Scott found Dead in NYC Apartment

It seems that suicide has taken another life, yesterday Monday March 17th, L’Wren Scott was found dead in her apartment in New York City.

Monday morning around 10:00 a.m. her assistant arrived at L’Wren’s apartment and found her dead hanging from a door knob. She immediately called the police and an autopsy will later determine the cause of death. There was no sign or forced entry. The assistant had received a text message from L’Wren saying to “come by”.

Scott is not only known for her fashion and earlier modeling career but also as the girlfriend to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones for over a decade. Scott has dressed celebrities such as Madonna, and has also created many of Mick Jagger’s stage looks for The Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour.

L’Wren Scott also launched a line for Banana Republic which came out late last year. Her clothing was more high fashion then ready to wear but took the opportunity to create classic and fun and elegant looks for Banana Republic.

On hearing the news Mick Jagger was devastated and the band has since cancelled their show tomorrow night March 19th in Perth.

It is always sad to see suicide take a life and especially in our design community. L’Wren Scott will be deeply missed and all of our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Christian Siriano to judge teen version of ‘Project Runway’

The young adult genre has overtaken books and movies and is now on its way to conquering television as well. A junior version is in the works or exists for “American Idol” and “Master Chef” and now, it was just announced, “Project Runway.”

A press release from Lifetime broke the news this week that they had signed on to air the first season of “Threads,” which is being widely touted by fans as a teenage version of “Project Runway.” Of course, the comparison is hard to resist when Lifetime announced that “Project Runway: Season Four” winner Christian Siriano would be judging the competition, along with Vanessa Simmons. Simmons is the daughter of Joseph Simmons (Rev Run of RunDMC) and an actress in her own right. Seventeen magazine will be taking on the position held by Marie Claire for “Project Runway.” Seventeen’s Fashion Director Gina Kelly and Jasmine Snow, the magazine’s Accessories Editor, will have roles on the show.

The guest stars/celebrity judges that have already been confirmed for “Threads” features some former “Project Runway” celebrity judges including Kelly Osbourne. It is thought that Siriano will be playing duel role as both host and judge. “Threads” has already been using Mood Fabrics as a casting location and it is expected that the fabric store will take on the same starring role it has played on “Project Runway.”

Click here: Best looks for Mood Fabric’s spokesdog Swatch

Siriano, of course, used his stint on “Project Runway” to reach the national stage. He has gone on to become a fashion powerhouse. Besides is eponymous line, and boutique in New York City, Siriano also is the mind behind the designs for a discount fashion label sold by Payless Shoes. The ultra affordable line features shoes and handbags.

Click here: Christian Siriano’s Payless Gold Shoe Collection

“Threads” will be just one of several fashion and beauty based series that will be new to Lifetime. At the same time the network announced the creation of “Threads” it also released information on shows like “Girlfriend Intervention,” a makeover show, “Worst Stylist Ever,” a competition show for hair stylists, and “Ugly Models,” which is a docu-series giving a behind the scenes look at a one of a kind modeling agency that prides itself on the uniqueness of their models.

Casting is already complete for this season of “Threads.” The show is expected to air this year.

Positivity Bracelets by Alex's Angels

There is a new trend that has begun. Bracelets with “Positivity” by Alex’s Angels are a thing that will have everyone talking. They are new and very unique but great to have around at the same time. These will help for those that wear them to think positive at all times.

Alex’s Angels has different varieties to choose from. Some are made with crystals, some with sets. You can get them in black, different colors or even just a tee shirt printed with “Positivity” on them.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, they also have Irish “Positivity” bracelets for you to choose and wear. As the old ways are, if you’re not wearing green, someone will pinch you. They can’t if you’re wearing these.

The “Black Positivity Bracelets” will match any occasion, style or just for every day. Check out the photo for a unique view of these and how they are shipped, wrapped and carefully packaged.

This is brought to you by Alex’s Angels and written by Lia Burres. The item was given to me in exchange for my honest thoughts and review. There has been no other compensation, nor is there any intended.

Author's Pick: Top 5 best and worst dressed at the 2014 Oscars

The Academy Awards is famously known to be Hollywood’s biggest night. Movie fans around the world set their calendars every year for this special night…but so do fashionistas like myself.

Although I am a huge movie geek, and tune in every year to see the best of the best of actors, actresses, writers, producers, directors, designers, animators etc., I also tune in to see the fashion!

I have been watching the Oscars since before I can remember. Every year, I make Oscar-Sunday my day as I watch everything from the pre-red carpet to the arrivals, the actual ceremony, to the after-parties. I don’t want to rule out the men, as they all look handsome in their designer suits and tuxes, but lets face it – the ladies are the forefront when it comes to the outfits.

Each award season I sit on pins and needles waiting to see what the actresses are wearing. When it comes to other award shows’ fashion, they tend to get away with almost anything, but with the Academy Awards, it’s either a hit or miss. It was tough as there were a lot of best and worst dressed gals this year, but I narrowed my picks down. Not in any particular order (in relation to the photograph above) here are my top 5 best and worst dressed.


Idina Menzel – The ‘Wicked’ star wore a strapless, forest-green Vera Wang gown that was simply stunning. Last night Menzel performed ‘Let it Go’ from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Amy Adams – The five-time Academy Award nominee arrived at the red carpet wearing a strapless, sapphire blue Gucci dress that was nothing less than elegant. Adams was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘American Hustle’.

Jennifer Lawrence – The ‘Hunger Games’ beauty never disappoints when it comes to fashion on the red carpet. Like last year’s Oscar dress, Lawrence knows how to wow. This year she chose a red, strapless peplum Dior Couture dress that had on-lookers in awe. The Academy Award winner was nominated again, this time for Best Supporting Actress for ‘American Hustle’.

Charlize Theron – She warmed our hearts in 2003 for her performance in ‘Monster’, but she won our hearts at the 2004 Oscars in a gown that outdid everyone’s. The Academy Award winner presented at this year’s show in a sexy, strapless Gucci dress. It was, as I believe, to be the black dress that every woman dreams of having in her closet!

Giuliana Rancic – The Fashion Police diva was on the red carpet hosting for E! hours before the arrivals. She was pre-game to the red carpet as she showed off her Paolo Sebastian dress. The slightly off-the-shoulder, champagne, princess dress was just darling. Even Joan Rivers couldn’t pick a bad thing about that dress.


Elsa Pataky – Chris Hensworth, actor best known for ‘Thor’ and ‘The Avengers’, showed up with his very pregnant wife on his arm. Ok, I give kudos to the ‘Fast Five’ actress for stepping out onto the red carpet when she is ready to pop, but she stepped out in the wrong thing. She wore a teal, Elie Saab gown that covered too little on the sides and showed her baby bump in a very un-flattering manner.

Anne Hathaway – The Academy Award winner usually is a hit or miss when she steps out on the red carpet. We can either plan to see a ‘Princess Diaries’ look or a ‘ I Dreamed a Dream Les Mis’ look. This year, the presenter had a miss wearing a black and gold armor Gucci dress that would’ve been better designed as a shoe than a gown.

Anna Kendrick – The Academy Award nominee, and this year’s presenter, wore a J. Mendel dress that you either loved or hated. This is on my worst dressed so obviously I did not love it. The off-the-shoulder, black gown with the red sheer details at the torso would have looked much better with out the cross-body strap and thick-lining detail at the neck and arms. Better luck next time.

Sally Hawkins – One thing not to do when you are thin, beautiful and nominated for an Academy Award – dress like a nun. The actress who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Blue Jasmine’ wore a white and gold fully-covered Valentino dress. Too much skin is a no-no, zero skin is a big no-no.

Kerry Washington – The 2014 Oscars were no stranger to the very-pregnant beauties. The ‘Scandal’ star is usually always a stunner on the red carpet, even more so since she sported her cute baby bump, but this year’s Oscar dress wasn’t a good choice. The presenter wore a Jason Wu, strapless lavender gown that looked like a wrinkled, silk sheet clipped by a diamond pendant. She should have re-worn her 2014 Golden Globes dress.

Well, there you have it! My yay’s and nay’s for this years Oscars Best and Worst Dressed. Who were your favorites? Excited to see what 2015 brings.

Eight Ways to Style a Scarf

A beautiful scarf is the perfect accessory for any outfit, but you may only know a few ways to tie one. Molly Borter, a content writer for, the largest online specialty scarf store, encourages people to experiment with new looks that go beyond the basic knot or the simple loop.

This simple way to style a scarf is perfect for light weight rectangular scarves

Start with the scarf around the back of your neck with both ends hanging down. Loop one end around the other twice and then bring it up through the bottom of the neck loop and over the knot that has been created. Spread the top end over the bottom end to create the ascot. “I love to do this knot with scarves that have some metallic in them so it shows off the knot.

Four in Hand

Take a long rectangular scarf and fold it in half and place it around your neck so that one end is a loop and the other end is the two ends. Take one of the two ends of the scarf and bring it through the loop. Twist the loop itself so it creates another loop and bring the second end of the scarf through that loop. This look is perfect for a pashmina-style scarf, and it’s an easy way to make a fancy-looking knot. “I teach all my family and friends this one,” Borter says.

Infinity Shrug

Infinity scarves have become very stylish in the last few years, and you might think the only way to wear it is as a double or triple loop around your neck. But you can easily turn that infinity scarf into a makeshift shrug by holding the scarf behind your back and bringing your arms through each loop. This style is great with a sleeveless dress or for a wedding because it covers your shoulders. “It’s very versatile.

Fancy Braid

Take a long lightweight scarf and tie a knot adjusting the loop around your neck so that it is about the size of the finished look. Take the right end of the scarf and bring it over the left end of the scarf at the knot, then bring it through the bottom of the neck loop and over to the front. Take the left end of the scarf and bring it over the right end of the scarf, and repeat as before. Repeat until you’ve run out of material and tie to finish. Stretch out the braid to show off this pretty look.


This look is stylish and it keeps your neck and chest extra warm by trapping air inside its natural ripples. Fold a square scarf in half on the diagonal to create a triangle. Bring the folded edge to the front of your neck and tie the ends around the back of your neck. You can keep the ends hanging behind you, or bring them to the front and hide them underneath the muffler. This is a really pretty way to show off a scarf, especially if it has tassels at the end.

Double Wrap French Knot

Take a square silk scarf and fold it into a long thin rectangle that is the width that you want to cover your neck. Place the scarf around the front of your neck and pass two ends of the scarf behind your neck and bring them to the front. Tie a knot on one side of your neck and adjust the ends until you feel like Audrey Hepburn. “This is very French inspired.

Chain Knot

Take a rectangular scarf and hang it around the back of your neck. Twist the two ends twice close to your neck, bring the ends behind your neck and tie them. The look is great for clothes that have a deeper neckline, Borter says. “Gorgeous necklines need to be shown off, so the fact that the chain knot ties at the back of your neck, allows for you to still accessorize with a scarf without covering up your outfit.

Knot Row

Place the scarf around the back of your neck leaving both ends hanging down the front. Tie the scarf into a few knots down the front of your body, making sure they are of similar size and evenly spaced. This is a great look for the warmer months because it isn’t too bulky and it can easily dress up a plain T-shirt or blouse, Borter says. “I love how you can add more knots down the row for a more dramatic feel.