How to Choose a High Quality Handbag

Unlike many fashion accessories, a handbag can be used every day and faces less-than-delicate conditions thrown on the car floor, set on the food speckled table, bumped along through a crowded mall. You want a bag that’s durable, holds the right amount of your stuff and lets you get to it easily, and most important for lots of women looks beautiful. While a purse can be a very personal choice, you should focus on a few key features if you want your bag to last and look good doing it.


Forget the Fakes

Yes, everyone wants to save a few dollars, but if you want a truly top-quality handbag, go for the real thing. Top of the line designer brands make purses with real leather or high-end faux leather, durable stitching, connecting tabs that hold on straps and handles, and quality fabric inside and out. Any hardware an essential part of a purse is solid and often specially made for each purse design. A knockoff bag skimps on all these important components, and it’s unlikely to last long without the straps, stitching or metallic finish wearing out completely.

Study Materials

Genuine leather makes the strongest and most durable material for products ranging from couches to purses, and leather purses come in any color and design you want. Top quality leather tends to be pricey, though, and even famous designers have started to use fake leather. The faux stuff can look and feel impressively real and is easy to clean, but generally will not last as long. If you want a bag that stands the test of time, go for real leather. Leather also gives you the rare advantage of looking better as it ages. Whether the leather is real or faux, and even if you choose a fabric bag, make sure it has thick preferably double stitching. Keep the bling on your bag to a minimum the less decorative hardware you have on your bag, the less likely it is that you’ll lose a piece.

Clasps and Zippers

Unless it’s a tote you take to the beach, most bags can’t do without some hardware. If you want a bag that zips  the best way to protect your valuables make sure the zipper is sturdy enough for the job. The zipper pull should be engraved with either the name of the handbag designer or a reputable zipper company, and the zipper itself should be thick and not flimsy. Look for durable clasps and connectors that twist and move to make the bag function at its best. For example, the hardware that connects the straps should spin and not stay static. The metal should be solid and not coated, and rounded in a pleasing shape with no sharp corners.

Shop Around

If you can’t afford this season’s new designs from a top brand’s shop or the department store, head to designer outlets or fashion discount stores. A number of mid-range designers also sell high quality, innovative designed bags in a range of styles with a focus on moderate pricing. Research companies that specialize in handbags and leather goods and have been around for decades or longer so you know they’re reliable. Such manufacturers often have strict quality-control standards, so the purse you purchase has already been tested for its durability. And, of course, the best way to choose a handbag is in person. If you have to shop online, be sure to go to a reputable site that has many photos including close-ups of someone carrying the bag and examine them carefully.

The Women’s Handbags

When it comes to choosing designer leather handbags, most women look for the features that are an integral aspect of designer leather bags. The handbags essentially differ in their core beauty and functional features right from the fabric used to the color, style, design, size & pattern. For women, even the shape of the handbags or tote matters. The size is essentially vital because it is capable enough of either enhancing or diminishing the appearance. This is the reason women choose the designer bags that radiate the latest fashion that is functional and easy to carry as well.


Women think buying a handbag when they want to put their accessories in it. This is the reason they look for safety, strength and services at the same time. They also look for washable material that is easy to handle and maintain. The different materials used for modern designer handbags are cotton, leather, linen, velvet and suede. Of course, other materials are used as well for the sake cool looks and trend. Some other features that women look for in handbags include colors, straps, zips, embellishments and internal and external pockets.

When choosing a handbag, women often look for three important aspects – its functionality, look and the style dialogue. The handbags, no matter how fashionable, trendy, stylish and a persona-fit appealing they are, also must have a practical use. From a homemaker to any celebrity, handbags are a vital part of any woman’s outfit. They are useful in carrying useful items such as cell phones, makeup kits, money, credit cards, diaries, pen, pencil, etc.

The other vibrant thing is the style and glamour. These are most attractive attributes that women look for in their handbags. It is true that any handbag or even a tote bag is capable enough to change your attire into a trendy one. The wide variety of leather handbags for women is available in the market now. They make it quite easy for women to exhibit their deeper sense of practicality, style, thinking and fashion.

New Apartments for Rent in Albuquerque

In a mere two weeks, I will need to move into an apartment in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has been a long time since I have lived in this city, but I really enjoyed it when I was last living here. Of course, part of the reason why I probably enjoyed it so much is that I went to college in Albuquerque. I think most people enjoy the cities that they went to college. Anyway, now I am looking for info on Albuquerque NM apartments I hope to find some online listings of apartments that are available for rent right now, along with the prices, and other information that is relevant.

What really annoys me, during the process of searching for an apartment, is when apartments are listed on a website online, and they have lots of information about the apartment, but they do not list the price that it costs to rent them. Continue reading →

What’s The Best Online Mattress

In the past people would choose innerspring mattress as their first priority like Simmons, Sealy and Serta, it’s more expensive than their actual cost and very hard to move.

Since 2014, more and more mattress company start to sell their mattress online, like Leesa, Casper, Tuft&Needle,Ghostbed, most of them are less than $1,000 but can provide almost the same experience as the old innerspring mattress which cost over $2,000.

So what’s the difference between Leesa and Ghostbed and Casper?which one should we pick up to gain best sleep experience? Here are a awesome post on Ghostbed VS Casper VS Leesa VS Purple VS Tuft&Needle.

Casper Vs Ghostbed

Casper is good, but compare with another mattress company Ghostbed, I think Ghostbed is better.

The thickness of Casper is 10 inches, while Ghostbed is 11 inches mattress. Both of them use latex+memory foam design.

The warranty of Ghostbed is 20 years, and it can provide 120 days free trial. While Caper only provide 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trial.

If we talked about price, take queen size for example, Ghostbed is more than $100 cheaper than Casper.

So from any way, price, quality, material, customer service, I think Ghostbed is better than Casper.

So how about leesa? How does is perform if compare with Ghostbed, is it better?

How about Leesa

Leesa is a memory foam mattress, which is different from Ghostbed and casper, memory foam is a very comfortable material, it feels hard firstly, but as time goes on , it will become soft when you lay on, and the shape will change to adapt to your body.

Per research from Sleep foundation, more and more people will take memory foam mattress as their first priority. But as we mentioned before, memory foam is less bouncy than latex and will sleep hot.

To fix this issue, per review from Leesa developed his own Avena foam, which worked as the combination of latex+memory foam, you can enjoy the comfort and hug feelings of memory foam, and won’t feel hot at all, more important, Avena foam is full of bouncy, so this mattress is friendly for sex as well.

The warranty and free trial period of Leesa is following the industry standard, 100 nights free trial and 10 years warranty. This is not as awesome as Ghostbed, but not bad as well.

If talking about price, Leesa is cheaper than Casper, but more expensive than Ghostbed.

Is Tuft&Needle cost the money?

Tuft&Needle is one of the best mattress seller on amazon, this is a foam mattress, neither memory foam nor latex foam, per customer feedback, it’s firmer than official claimed, the biggest advantage is their price, it’s really very cheap, queen size for no more than $600.

So if you are in a limited budget and don’t mind a firmer mattress, it would be good for you. While if you are not very adapt to very firm mattress, this may not your perfect choice.

So mu suggest is, Choose Ghostbed other than Tuft&Needle is money is not your first concern.


If you prefer memory foam than latex mattress, Leesa is the best choice, it’s one of the best mattress under $1000, sleep cool, comfortable and full of bouncy.

If you want to save money, GhostbedotTuft&Needle would be your best choice. But you know,Tuft&Needle is a little firmer than expected, and may not very friendly for side sleepers.

I don’t recommend to buy from Caper, it’s a good mattress, but in my opinion, what you paid is more than what you gain, Casper is created in NY city and a very famous mattress company, but they paid too much on marketing and advertisement so their product is just so so.

Spotting a Fake Hermes Handbags

The Hermes fashion name is synonymous with royalty, famous stars and “Sex and the City”. The famous Hermes Kelly bag was named after actress and Grace Kelly. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis often sported a Constance bag. The Birkin bag was the focus of the “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,” episode of “SATC,” where Samantha tried to leverage her connections to snag the popular bag. Hermes bags are renowned in the fashion world with prices topping $10,000 for some bags. Like many original handbags, Hermes products are copied and sold as knockoffs. How to spot a fake Hermes bag is easy to the discerning eye.

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 24  -  IN a $20 million sale , Birkin Hermes handbags  are on display at the Ritchies auction at the Royal Ontario Museum	   in Toronto on  November 24, 2013 Vince Talotta/Toronto Star

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

  • Study the hardware – Hermes bags have a covering to protect the hardware, which the store does not remove until you purchase the bag. The hardware is solid, not hollow. The logo, a carriage and horse, is engraved on the hardware. Hermes engraving means the letters or design is lower than the surface, not raised above the surface.
  • Examine the stitching – An authentic bag will have straight, even stitches and no loose threads. Also, the thread will match the bag, a sign that Hermes bags are quality workmanship.
  • Look at the front face of the bag – The name “Hermes Paris, Made in France” is always stamped on the front face.
  • Look for the date the bag was manufactured – The artisan’s mark and the year the bag was manufactured are stamped beneath the right belt.
  • Check the inside of the bag – Hermes bags do not have a metal nameplate. Also, examine the leather carefully. Hermes bags are made of the finest leather. It will not have defects.

To understand the quality and workmanship of a Hermes bag, go to a Hermes boutique and examine the handbags. Look at the quality of the lining, feel the purity of the leather, and pay attention to the elegant, understated details. Once you have seen an authentic bag, you will be able to spot a fake Hermes.


  • The Birkin bag comes with a lock and key, as well as an engraved code.
  • Hermes bags come with an orange dust bag.

Authentic Hermes Handbag

Buying a designer bag can be a dream-come-true for many women. A designer bag is a big investment, so it is important to know that you are spending money on an authentic piece. Fake handbags are getting more and more convincing, so it is important to know what to look for when identifying an authentic Hermes Handbags.

Authentic Hermes Handbag

Familiarize yourself with Hermes designs. Designer bags are very limited from season to season. Each year only sees so many new designs. Certain bags are made only in a few select colors or may have a certain color of lining. Knowing these things will help you identify a fake.

Look closely at the proportion of the handbag. A well-made designer bag will be perfectly proportional. It will be perfectly symmetrical and the handle will be completely centered. Take a good look at the shape. If it looks a little off or crooked, it is a fake.

Know what the stamp or label should look like. Hermes bags are almost always labeled and stamped on the inside only. However, there are a few designs that feature a stamp on the outside. The stamp or label should also be neat and clear.

Examine the lining. Most Hermes bags are lined with the same leather that the outside is made of. There are some styles that may be lined with canvas of the same color as the bag. Know which styles these are and know what lining to expect.

Look for an “H” engraved on the zipper. This will be done neatly and clearly on brass zippers. A couple of the designs have leather zippers, and in those cases, the “H” will be stamped.

Be suspicious of low prices. A Hermes bag will probably never sell for under $5,000. Bags made with imperfections in the factory are destroyed, and employees are not given gifts that they may resell. If a seller claims it is an unwanted gift, carefully consider why someone would spend $5,000 on a gift before knowing for sure that the recipient would like it.

Study the stitching very closely. Stitches should be perfectly straight, even and tight. The best craftsmen in the world make these bags, and imperfect bags do not leave the manufacturer.

Spotting Fake Hermes Handbags

The Hermes fashion name is synonymous with royalty, famous stars and “Sex and the City”. The famous Hermes Kelly bag was named after actress and Grace Kelly. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis often sported a Constance bag. The Birkin bag was the focus of the “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,” episode of “SATC,” where Samantha tried to leverage her connections to snag the popular bag. Hermes bags are renowned in the fashion world with prices topping $10,000 for some bags. Like many original handbags, Hermes products are copied and sold as knockoffs. How to spot a fake Hermes bag is easy to the discerning eye.

Spotting Fake Hermes Handbags

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

  • Study the hardware. Hermes bags have a covering to protect the hardware, which the store does not remove until you purchase the bag. The hardware is solid, not hollow. The logo, a carriage and horse, is engraved on the hardware. Hermes engraving means the letters or design is lower than the surface, not raised above the surface.
  • Examine the stitching. An authentic bag will have straight, even stitches and no loose threads. Also, the thread will match the bag, a sign that Hermes bags are quality workmanship.
  • Look at the front face of the bag. The name “Hermes Paris, Made in France” is always stamped on the front face.
  • Look for the date the bag was manufactured. The artisan’s mark and the year the bag was manufactured are stamped beneath the right belt.
  • Check the inside of the bag. Hermes bags do not have a metal nameplate. Also, examine the leather carefully. Hermes bags are made of the finest leather. It will not have defects.
  • To understand the quality and workmanship of a Hermes bag, go to a Hermes boutique and examine the handbags. Look at the quality of the lining, feel the purity of the leather, and pay attention to the elegant, understated details. Once you have seen an authentic bag, you will be able to spot a fake Hermes.

Choosing Best Hermes Birkin for Your Personal Style

In the world of fashion, Hermes birkin bag is generally accepted as the Holy grail of handbags. Since buying a birkin bag is a great investment for lifetime, a savvy lady had better be careful when choosing her beloved Birkin. Here are some tips on how to selecting the right Birkin bag to boost your personal style.

Hermes Birkin Handbags

In the world of fashion, hermes birkin handbags generally accepted as the Holy grail of handbags. Since buying a birkin bag is a great investment for lifetime, a savvy lady had better be careful when choosing her beloved Birkin. Here are some tips on how to selecting the right Birkin bag to boost your personal style.

First of all, select the correct material for your birkin to suit different occasions. The quality of materials reflects the owner’s financial status and taste. Leather is always a wise choice, for it is classic and versatile; works with most outfits and goes with any situation. The most popular leather for birkin is Togo, a smooth textured calf leather. Taurillon Clemence which is made from baby bull is even softer and thicker than Togo. You can also choose buttery soft Chevre (goat skin) or smooth and sheen box. Birkin bags with exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile and lizard are quite suitable for formal and grand occasions. If you want a casual and pretty look, you can try togo or ostrich Birkin with linen.

Secondly, choose the right sized Birkin to complement your figure. Remember, your bag should work with your size, not against it. If you are petite, go for 25cm or 30cm Birkin. If you are full-figured or tall, 35cm or 40cm Birkin would look best. Haut A Courries which is slightly taller with shorter straps is also called Birkin and very good for traveling use.

Thirdly, choose similar colored Birkin to match your outfit. There is an extensive range of colors for your Birkin bag. If you wear a lot of plain color clothes, Hermes classic colors such as black, orange, Blue Jean and dark gold are the best to match your outfit, or a two-tone colored Birkin would make you look cute and stylish. Greens, pink, fuchsia and Cyclamen are fresh in spring; rouge, red and orange looks gorgeous in autumn; blues, white and violet are popular in winter. Taupe, beige and grey are practical and can blend into more clothes.

Last but not least, always harmonize your Birkin with your outfit, shoes and accessories. If you have seen the photo of Victoria in fuchsia RM Moon dress with a stunning 35cm pink ostrich skin Hermes Birkin, you will get a better idea of what I mean. The pink bag and fuchsia dress match perfectly; the black sunglass has a similar shade with Balenciaga court shoes. Totally, she looks fantastically glamorous! Sometimes, your bag does not necessarily match your dress or shoes, but at least should blend into them. It is more sensible to make sure your bag and shoes are harmonious in style and mood. For example, if you wear sliver or white tone shoes, pair them with a Birkin bag with silver palladium hardware.

If you pay attention to what fits you and what does not, you will gradually cultivate your dress sense and fit into everything chosen by yourself. Needless to say, Hermes Birkin bag is a must-have for any savvy lady who aspires to establish a perfect personal style. Reliable online stores are the best place to buy elegant Hermes Birkin bags. Be mindful that “Fashion is general. Style is individual”, have a good knowledge of your style and learn how to dress properly, because the most beautiful woman is always true to her own style.

Spotted: Neck Cuffs

Adorning necks in a procession of avant garde statements, neck cuffs infiltrated the spring runways with flashy intrigue, making it the latest trend to top the list of spring accessories.

Neck cuffs are a combination of choker meets statement necklace and perhaps the next ‘it’ statement necklace if you take any hint from the Balenciaga, Celine and Altuzarra shows.

Here are a few neck cuff styles that make for a bold statement piece this spring…

1. Balenciaga Rain drop bead embellished choker $705

2. Pamela Love Choker $575

3. River Island Black Deco Draped Choker $83

4. Topshop Multirow Beaded Collar $30

5. Acne Studios ‘Carena’ Silver Necklace $750

6. Idriss Guelai Atelier ‘Valentina’ Choker Necklace $727

7. Gemma Lister Studded Cuff $70


New Orleans fashion scene continues to grow and continues to give back to nonprofit organizations in grand style. Couture for a Cause – “A Fashion Affair for the Heart” is no exception, as it brings fashion aficionados together to enjoy a fashion show while benefiting the American Heart Association (AHA).

This talked about fashion event of the summer is being produced and presented by two local business women, Tiffany Magee and Shirah Ray. Both ladies are well-known in the community for their philanthropic involvement, Magee and Ray are thrilled to lead this effort for the AHA as the national organization has special meaning for them. “Both of our fathers died of heart attacks at a very early age and we would love to raise at least $2,500 for the AHA. As well as use this event as an opportunity to raise awareness and promote the prevention of heart disease” stated Magee. According to the AHA, heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, taking the lives of 811,000 annually. For more information about the American Heart Society, visit

Fashion and beauty are innate to these two driven entrepreneurs and Louisiana natives. Magee, former state director of the Miss Black USA pageant and now CEO of her own company, Manager Extraordinaire, an event logistics and management company. Along with Ray, boutique owner (David Lee’s Boutique, named for her late father), wardrobe consultant and style therapist. The ladies are combining their expertise to create a fete that the city of New Orleans will not soon forget. “I’m proud to partner with an organization that’s committed to saving lives. This is sentimental for both my family and me,” said Ray.

The high-end women’s clothing store is located in LaPlace will provide ready-to-wear fashions and accessories in the runway fashion show. Also featured on the runway will be two notable New Orleans based fashion designers that are renowned in the Southern fashion circle and beyond. New Orleans native Tabitha Bethune will show gowns from her Broadway-inspired La Playbill collection. John Joseph Delgadillo will present his Cutting Edge Diva collection. Debuting her jewelry and accessories with the designers fashions will be local jewelry designer Ko’fetche by Korebel.

The fashion affair takes place Thursday, June 12 at Eiffel Society. Doors 8PM / VIP reception 7PM. Attendees can expect a first-class red-carpet entrance as they are greeted and interviewed by fashion blogger, radio personality and owner of My Classy Closet, Paris Hatcher. Dress to impress and show your support for AHA and love for fashion by donning on your most stylish red outfit and be a part of “Couture for a Cause”.

Tickets for the fashion show are now available at or visit David Lee’s Boutique, 1145 W Airline Highway, LaPlace, LA and Simply Divine Full Service Salon, 306 S. Broad Street, New Orleans, LA. Cost: $40 for general admission and $75 for VIP.

Porsha Williams ready to date again: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ news

Porsha Williams seems ready to start dating seriously again, and she is using an online profile to find a match. Wetpaint reports on Wednesday that the housewife is ready to move past her marriage. Williams hopes online dating will help her meet a new man and forget Kordell Stewart.

Williams may still be incorrectly called Porsha Stewart by some fans, but the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star does not want to be linked to her ex-husband at this point. She has been discussing some of her online dating strategies and has been preparing for a new relationship. Williams’ future on the reality program remains uncertain, but she is not letting this slow down her dating life.

Rumors about the upcoming season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” have already started, and NeNe Leakes claims that the show is not getting rid of any of its regular cast members. This means Williams could return, and fans may get more insight into her dating life. She may add extra drama to the reality program with her online profiles and search for a new man.

Williams is not letting her feud with Kenya Moore have an impact on her relationships, so she is ignoring the past season and the reunions. Although the housewife has made claims about enjoying the single life, she has been linked to several people in the past. Some fans believed the rumors that she was secretly dating Chad Ochocinco or Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, but Williams denied them.

Williams has indicated she has no problems dating men who are younger than her or not in the entertainment industry. She talked about an unidentified boyfriend several weeks ago, but she appears to be single again. The housewife is allegedly considering the possibility of joining “Millionaire Matchmaker” to find a new love interest.

Denim Crush: 8 Denim Looks for the Spring

If you’re one of the many lovers of denim then you know the spring season is the perfect time to showcase your denim duds.

Whether you’re bent on the classic Midwestern Americana look or more of a fan of the chic head-to-toe chambray, you can can celebrate the warmer weather with these 8 ardent spring denim looks…

1. Gap Quilted Floral Chambray Moto $118

2. Sinclair Skinny Destroyed Jeans $168

3. Dorothy Perkins Petite Floral Denim Dress $35

4. J Brand Candy Stripe Skinny Jeans $106

5. River Island Blue Chambray Lace Insert Shell Top $33

6. Miu Miu Floral Printed Denim Shorts $685

7. River Island Dark Wash Two-tone Denim Dungarees $40

8. Almost Famous Crave Fame Jogger Pants $25

Lash Loft touches down in Deep Ellum to an “eye”-deally promising location

With just a bat of an eye, Lash Loft held its grand opening soiree and opened its doors to a fashionably savvy crowd at its Deep Ellum location on March 13, 2014. The trendy and posh location sits at the corner of Commerce and Main in an area that is experiencing tremendous growth and development and which promises much success and profitability for the future of the newly opened lash extension boutique.

Some of Dallas’ “best dressed” were in the building including popular fashion blogger, Cris Zaragoza of My Fashion Juice and race car driver cutie George Jackson. Guests indulged in precious caviar, champagne cocktails and chocolate covered strawberries while enjoying the plush interior of the newly designed loft.

The Lash Loft promises to be the leading location in the Deep Ellum district for eyelash extensions. From silk to synthetic extensions, the Lash Loft’s certified eyelash technicians are sure to make believers out of anyone who sets foot within its doors. Prices range anywhere from $250 and up for a full set, with touch-up pricing beginning at $25. Feeling diva-esque? Add an additional $50 to any service for a Lash Loft house call where you can get the same relaxing and expert lash experience without leaving the comfort of your own home.

With eyelash extensions being all the rage in the beauty industry right now, the Lash Loft is definitely going to make its mark in Dallas as one of the elite locations for eyelash extension services.

Emy Madrigal: 'I have text messages and explicit photos of Sheryn Regis'

Sheryn Regis is the subject of malicious conversation of the netizens this morning, June 12, 2012 due to her alleged romantic relationship with Emy Madrigal. The issue has already been denied by Sheryn, the former contract artist of ABS-CBN several days ago, but right now, Emy is telling everyone through that Sheryn is not telling the truth, based on an interview, Sheryn met Emy Madrigal right after her winning performance in a singing competition on TV several years ago.

Anyway, Sheryn’s denial was read by Emy Madrigal, and now, she believes that it’s her turn to say something about the issue. Emy confirmed that she had an affair with the Cebuana singer, but according to her, Sheryn was also in a relationship with someone who is related to her husband during that time. Emy also confirmed that the singer who is now based in the U.S. has received Apple gadgets loads amounting to Php120K and others while they were in a relationship.

But for some observers, those Apple gadgets, cellphone loads mentioned by Emy when interviewed by are simple things compared to Emy’s biggest revelation during the interview. Based on Emy’s statement, until now, she is protecting some explicit photos of Sheryn Regis, Emy did not give any detailed information regarding the explicit photos that she has mentioned earlier on pep, but according to some observers who are following the issue, Sheryn should fix her rift with Emy.

They added that the issue is very sensitive and it is not impossible for Emy to protrude because of anger. Right now, both of them are receiving negative comments from their detractors online because of the issue, and all of their detractors are saying that they should stop and fix this issue for the sake of their families especially their kids. Reports said Sheryn will air her side in due time.

An in-depth examination of Garcia v. Google

On February 26th the Ninth Circuit court of appeals handed down a ruling that, taken to its logical conclusion, could have a significant impact on both the movie and photography communities. In the case of Garcia v Google, Inc., actress Cindy Garcia asserts a claim to a copyright interest in a portion of a video she acted in.

Although this case applies to an actor in a movie, the principles apply equally to a model in a photograph. Anyone who has worked with a talented model would agree that her creativity in posing and expression contributes to the final photo; the court has now created the presumption that performers who are creative are owners of copyright to that creation: “An author ‘in a constitutional sense’ is one ‘to whom anything owes its origin; originator; maker.’ Feist Publ’ns, 499 U.S. at 346 (quoting Burrow-Giles Lithographic Co. v. Sarony, 111 U.S. 53, 58 (1884)). In other words, the creator of copyrightable artistic expression is an author. Which is why, for example, Sinéad O’Connor can claim a copyright in her performance of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ even though the song was written by Prince.”

The appeals court stated that: “We need not and do not decide whether every actor has a copyright in his performance within a movie. It suffices for now to hold that, while the matter is fairly debatable, Garcia is likely to prevail.” [emphasis added.]

The court recognizes the apparent problems with its ruling: “As the above discussion makes clear, any analysis of the rights that might attach to the numerous creative contributions that make up a film can quickly become entangled in an impenetrable thicket of copyright.” But they dismiss the issue based on their understanding of the way movies are produced: “But it rarely comes to that because copyright interests in the vast majority of films are covered by contract, the work for hire doctrine or implied licenses.”

While that may be true for most movie productions, it is not true for most photographs. There is often no contract in advance of a shoot that discusses usage, and “work for hire” generally does not apply to models even in professional commercial photo shoots. Even when a “model release” is used, it typically deals only with the model’s rights of publicity and privacy, not copyright, since it has generally been understood that the copyright in a photo belongs to the photographer unless there is something in writing to the contrary. This ruling challenges that understanding.

It can be argued that by granting a release of those privacy and publicity rights in the “model release”, the model is also granting an implied copyright usage license. But that is not established law. Even if it is true, the limitations on that implied license are not clear; if a model argues that a subsequent use of a photograph by a photographer is outside the scope of what she thought she agreed to, the “implied license” may provide no protection. As an example, suppose the photographer tells a model that her picture will not appear on “an adult website”. If he later uses it on his own personal photography page or model mayhem portfolio that contains nudes, is that outside the scope of the implied license? The court opinion suggests that it may be: “A clear sign that Youssef exceeded the bounds of any license is that he lied to Garcia in order to secure her participation, and she agreed to perform in reliance on that lie. Youssef’s fraud alone is likely enough to void any agreement he had with Garcia. But even if it’s not, it’s clear evidence that his inclusion of her performance in ‘Innocence of Muslims’ exceeded the scope of the implied license and was, therefore, an unauthorized, [copyright-]infringing use.”

In this case there was no valid written contract or release, which points strongly for the need for a release whenever a photographer shoots pictures of a model. With no release, the copyright license which may be implied by a release is that much harder to demonstrate. If a model objects to any online use, for instance, she now has standing as “an author” to demand the picture be taken down with a DMCA takedown notice.
The court seems not to view this as a settled issue; it has remanded the case back to the trial court to determine whether or not Garcia does, in fact, have a copyright claim. But the wording of the order prejudices the outcome: “Neither party raised the issue of whether the author of a dramatic performance must personally fix his work in a tangible medium. Because the question is not properly before us, we do not decide it. The parties are free to raise it in the district court on remand.”

By stating the charge to the trial court in those terms, the appellate court is asking the judge to decide what has already been decided in a string of cases: the author does not have to personally “fix” his work. An example from the Third Circuit makes this clear, but adds an additional requirement not mentioned in the Ninth Circuit opinion: “That statutory language and the Supreme Court’s guidance produce a definition of an author as the party who actually creates the work, that is, the person who translates an idea into an expression that is embodied in a copy by himself or herself, or who authorizes another to embody the expression in a copy. The definition, however, has limits. When one authorizes embodiment, that process must be rote or mechanical transcription that does not require intellectual modification or highly technical enhancement . . . .”
There are two issues here: the work is fixed under the authority of the creator, and the fixation must not be something that itself requires creativity. Both seem to fail in this case, but neither is mentioned, leaving the trial court with no charge to examine them.

But in a photo shoot the “authority” to fix an image may be open to question. When a photographer or client hires a model for a shoot, arguably the images are “fixed” under the authority of the photographer or model. But whose “authority” operates in a TFP collaboration, or when the model requests and pays for the shoot? That seems less clear.

As the court itself seems to recognize, these issues are far from settled law even within the Ninth Circuit. Further findings by the trial court will clarify them to some extent; further appeals are also likely. But if this ruling by a two to one majority of a panel stands, photographers and models may have to change the way they do business.

Choosing the Best Areas For Diamond Jewelry

Show someone you adore and value them together with jewelry and also watches obtained online, from your department retailer, a jeweler or even a consignment go shopping.

For on the web browsing, you should check Shop NBC to get reasonably costed items coming from Carrera, Seiko, Bulova, Croton, Gucci, Draw Heuer, Movado plus more. The site is straightforward to navigate as soon as you go through the “watches” loss, you can easily narrow the search simply by gender. Inside of gender, it is possible to narrow that down by form of strap, value, brand and also style, making it easy and quick to locate what you might be specifically trying to find.

You also can choose the particular “sorting” function to prepare the things by value, newest designs or leading sellers. In case you are unsure, just browse within your desired budget range or browse the new arrivals and also best bargains sections regarding ideas. There’s numerous items beneath $200 at the same time. Shopping regarding jewelry and also watches can be a breeze together with Shop NBC!

stock will be another great site regarding online diamond jewelry and timepieces browsing. Most things are 1/2 value and appear directly from your manufacturer. Get yourself a 10-karat, 1/2ct stone tennis diamond for $219 or even a Movado girls black Vintage Museum watch for $424.

Shipping is $2. 92 per buy, there’s a great online finest price guarantee and yourself have the choice of acquiring extended warranties from the site. Many individuals also just like their “Bill Myself Later” alternative where there isn’t any payment specifications for half a year.

Sometimes you need to run in to a store and select jewelry and also watches right then and there. Whether you are looking for jewelry timepieces or sports activity watches, you will find reasonable options and prices in the department retailer. Macy’s, Sears and also Bloomingdales bring many artist brands and you may even view their sites beforehand to have an notion of what’s supplied.

Zales, Kays and also Littman Jewelers come in many cities throughout the US and concentrate on diamond-studded diamond jewelry and timepieces, so you can actually find one thing elegant but relatively low-cost, rather than all-around low-cost. For the particular rich and also famous, Tiffany and also Co presents jewelry and also watches inside the thousands to the very special event where you might be set to be able to impress.

If however you be trying to find a fresh one, don’t rely on any on the web retailer or even a stand on the mall. There are merely three retailers in United states carrying traditional watches (in New york, Toronto and also Mexico City), thus buyer be mindful!

What concerning used or perhaps pre-owned diamond jewelry and timepieces? They say the value of your watch depreciates the minute you obtain it, just like an vehicle yet, a pre-owned or perhaps used a single (or other good quality brand) might be a better acquire. The identical rings correct for gemstones.

The particular person you’re getting for won’t know the item continues to be pre-owned and if you learn a honest jeweler marketing used things, they will provide you with a full 1 to 2 year warrant and forms guaranteeing authenticity. For most shoppers, used or perhaps pre-owned diamond jewelry and watches can be a matter regarding sensible purchasing.
Dealers differ from city to be able to city, yet you’re possibly better away from visiting any jeweler, as opposed to making any hefty purchase online.

To show that special someone you really like them, consider diamond jewelry and watches to your next key gift. While that generally requires a small amount of forethought, organizing, budgeting and also research, your beloved will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness and also generosity!

It is a gift proven fact that not simply lasts a very long time, but may possibly also last many lifetimes, getting handed down from technology to generation being a keepsake.

Art in the Windows on Fifth Avenue

Check out the stores on fifth avenue for creative windows that feature clothing with modern art. Uniglo had some fashions with artwork by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean Michel Basquiat. Dolce and Gabbana had interesting colorful porcelain sculptures and foot rests exhibiting their fine shoes and clothing.

Take a stoll down fifth avenue before they change their windows to the more demur.

Author’s Pick: Top 5 best and worst dressed at the 2014 Oscars

The Academy Awards is famously known to be Hollywood’s biggest night. Movie fans around the world set their calendars every year for this special night…but so do fashionistas like myself.

Although I am a huge movie geek, and tune in every year to see the best of the best of actors, actresses, writers, producers, directors, designers, animators etc., I also tune in to see the fashion!

I have been watching the Oscars since before I can remember. Every year, I make Oscar-Sunday my day as I watch everything from the pre-red carpet to the arrivals, the actual ceremony, to the after-parties. I don’t want to rule out the men, as they all look handsome in their designer suits and tuxes, but lets face it – the ladies are the forefront when it comes to the outfits.

Each award season I sit on pins and needles waiting to see what the actresses are wearing. When it comes to other award shows’ fashion, they tend to get away with almost anything, but with the Academy Awards, it’s either a hit or miss. It was tough as there were a lot of best and worst dressed gals this year, but I narrowed my picks down. Not in any particular order (in relation to the photograph above) here are my top 5 best and worst dressed.


Idina Menzel – The ‘Wicked’ star wore a strapless, forest-green Vera Wang gown that was simply stunning. Last night Menzel performed ‘Let it Go’ from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Amy Adams – The five-time Academy Award nominee arrived at the red carpet wearing a strapless, sapphire blue Gucci dress that was nothing less than elegant. Adams was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘American Hustle’.

Jennifer Lawrence – The ‘Hunger Games’ beauty never disappoints when it comes to fashion on the red carpet. Like last year’s Oscar dress, Lawrence knows how to wow. This year she chose a red, strapless peplum Dior Couture dress that had on-lookers in awe. The Academy Award winner was nominated again, this time for Best Supporting Actress for ‘American Hustle’.

Charlize Theron – She warmed our hearts in 2003 for her performance in ‘Monster’, but she won our hearts at the 2004 Oscars in a gown that outdid everyone’s. The Academy Award winner presented at this year’s show in a sexy, strapless Gucci dress. It was, as I believe, to be the black dress that every woman dreams of having in her closet!

Giuliana Rancic – The Fashion Police diva was on the red carpet hosting for E! hours before the arrivals. She was pre-game to the red carpet as she showed off her Paolo Sebastian dress. The slightly off-the-shoulder, champagne, princess dress was just darling. Even Joan Rivers couldn’t pick a bad thing about that dress.


Elsa Pataky – Chris Hensworth, actor best known for ‘Thor’ and ‘The Avengers’, showed up with his very pregnant wife on his arm. Ok, I give kudos to the ‘Fast Five’ actress for stepping out onto the red carpet when she is ready to pop, but she stepped out in the wrong thing. She wore a teal, Elie Saab gown that covered too little on the sides and showed her baby bump in a very un-flattering manner.

Anne Hathaway – The Academy Award winner usually is a hit or miss when she steps out on the red carpet. We can either plan to see a ‘Princess Diaries’ look or a ‘ I Dreamed a Dream Les Mis’ look. This year, the presenter had a miss wearing a black and gold armor Gucci dress that would’ve been better designed as a shoe than a gown.

Anna Kendrick – The Academy Award nominee, and this year’s presenter, wore a J. Mendel dress that you either loved or hated. This is on my worst dressed so obviously I did not love it. The off-the-shoulder, black gown with the red sheer details at the torso would have looked much better with out the cross-body strap and thick-lining detail at the neck and arms. Better luck next time.

Sally Hawkins – One thing not to do when you are thin, beautiful and nominated for an Academy Award – dress like a nun. The actress who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Blue Jasmine’ wore a white and gold fully-covered Valentino dress. Too much skin is a no-no, zero skin is a big no-no.

Kerry Washington – The 2014 Oscars were no stranger to the very-pregnant beauties. The ‘Scandal’ star is usually always a stunner on the red carpet, even more so since she sported her cute baby bump, but this year’s Oscar dress wasn’t a good choice. The presenter wore a Jason Wu, strapless lavender gown that looked like a wrinkled, silk sheet clipped by a diamond pendant. She should have re-worn her 2014 Golden Globes dress.

Well, there you have it! My yay’s and nay’s for this years Oscars Best and Worst Dressed. Who were your favorites? Excited to see what 2015 brings.